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Review: statistics speak for themselves
On the 2016 SBW The 20 th Health Expo, The Group of Yang Sheng Tian Xia, GUANGMING YUNNAN SHIHU, AODONG OHTAKA ENZYME CO., LTD, Zhen Sheng Chang Sheng(GSI), Yamato Kouso(Enzyme) Co., Ltd, ENZAMIN Co., Ltd, Yi Li Kang Group(Enzyme & Probiotics), Pol’ noni International Trade, EGAO CO.,LTD, SUNMACA, Korea Dongjin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, SAM HEUNG CO.,LTD, Beijing Hanyutang Health Technology Co.,Ltd, MS Global Bio, Hemp Juice Sales Ltd, Marathon Ginseng International, SenLife, ERA (China) Co.,Ltd, Berry Legend Biotechnology, ZHENGTAI WANDE, SHI WAI YUNA Biotechnology, HUAJIAOTANG Biotechnology, Ningbo Aisp Trading Co.,Ltd, Taiwan Xinghan Biological Technology Co., Ltd, Lifesp Group, Biomed Herbal Research Co.,Ltd, Nutrarex Biotech, Zhejiang Yanxi Commerce trade Co.,Ltd,
Taiwan Yaxin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd, Dongfang Jialian Biological Technology Co.,Ltd, Ezsiway International Business Co.,Ltd, Lichen Biotech Co.,Ltd, Taiwan Pavilion, etc.
The 2016 SBW Health Expo(Spring+Autumn) attracted more than 1500 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions. The exhibition area covered more than 60000 sq m, breaking the record of the previous Nutrition and Health Fair. During this expo, there were officials from 20 countries stationed in china and The Ministry of Health, The Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Commerce, Development Research Center of the State Council and 60000 professional visitors from 28 countries have witnessed the unprecedented event together. Due to continuous effort and service innovation of Shibowei’s staffs, From 2012 to 2013, SBW Health expo was rated as one of the key exhibition in national health industry with the government subsidies. 2017 SBW Shanghai Health expo will build a health industry stage combined with the world high-end brand display, trading connection between home and abroad.
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