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The Establishment of 2017 Korea Hall For CIHIE

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核心提示:On December 14,2016, Mr Zhang Tai Ping,Former Minister of agriculture and Forestry of Korea、Mr Zheng,Section Manager


On December 14,2016, Mr.Zhang Tai Ping,Former Minister of agriculture and Forestry of Korea、Mr.Zheng,Section Manager of South Korea's Gangwon Province Institute of Science and Technology、John Park,Changping Yuan office in South Korea of Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park &Secretary - General of Korea of Sino-Korea Health Beauty Industry Alliance  lead Korean enterprises to visit Beijing office of Shibowei International Exhibition Group for discussing the Preparations of Korea Hall for 2017 The 21st Shibowei.CIHIE and also visited CIEC as helding place.



During the meeting, Mr.Hong,Secretary-general of CIHIE Shown the exhibition report of 2016 CIHIE and Korea Hall,also explained the overall plan for  2017 expo included South Korean show areas, booth setting.The delegation of South Korean  gave full affirmation to 2016 Korean Hall with Special exhibition layout,and said South Korea hall in 2017 will be reach a new level and realize new breakthrough to promote bilateral economic and trade, cultural exchange,So they will organize more Korean exhibitors to attend CIHIE China in 2017.


2017 The 21 st China (Spring) International Nutrition & Health Industry Expo&The The 5th China International Enzyme Products Exhibition   April 17th-19th,2017  CIEC Beijing(1A、1B、1-2A、1-2B、8A、8B)

Organizing Committee:Beijing Shibowei International Exposition Co., Ltd
Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, No 69, Fortune Street,Chao yang District, Chao yang Road, Beijing,China
Contact: Ms.Wendy Wei                                      
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