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Trend of health industry - health food alternative medicine therapy

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Core prompt:Health products not medicine but why can "cure "? Health food: the necessities of big health


Trend of health industry - health food alternative medicine therapy


Health products not medicine but why can"cure"?

Health care products are not drugs and not configured for a disease drugs, which is approval of the National Health Service, can rid the body of toxins, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, conditioning the five systems, improve the body's own immune system, relieve the modern form of disease factor, thus restoring good health food. A wide variety of health care products containing a variety of effective ingredients, with a variety of health effects, such as immune regulation, to provide a comprehensive and balanced nutrition, enhance hematopoietic function, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, promoting tissue regeneration and wound healing, fat, blood pressure , prevent vascular disease, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immune regulation, lowering blood sugar, healthy stomach, gastrointestinal disease prevention, anti-radiation detoxification, detoxification, protect the liver, anti-aging effect. These effects and efficacy will help to eliminate most of the treatment factors, so many ailments.

In fact, in everyday life, many foods also contain a variety of active ingredients, such as tea. The study found that tea contains more than 300 kinds of chemical composition of nutritional and health effects of tea have anti-tumor, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-aging, anti-radiation, enhance immune function and other health effects. But why do some people drink a lifetime of tea, the results still long tumor, still suffering from arteriosclerosis it?

This is because the active ingredient of his daily intake of polyphenols and tea polysaccharide content is not enough! Usually tea polyphenols in tea accounted for 20% -35% of the total, tea accounted for more than 20% of the total polysaccharides, the content is actually very rich, but why tea every day there will be insufficient intake of it? That is because: one, you drink tea is not all high-quality tea, tea can not guarantee that the content of the active ingredient; two, tea polyphenols and tea polysaccharide and not fully integrated into the water, and the human body can not absorb all the tea in effective ingredients. Thus, ordinary food does not guarantee an effective role in the human body. But health food is not the same, it is through scientific selection and scientific production process refined foods, not only the high content of active ingredients, variety, and can quickly be absorbed by the human body and the role of the human body. Therefore, we in the selection of health care products, the first concern is the health care products raw material itself, then its production process, and finally that it is easily absorbed by the body.

Health care products on the human body is somewhat similar to traditional Chinese medicine. TCM does not use a blind Chinese medicine to treat patients, they usually find something on the efficacy of complementary medicine can be formulated as a prescription to treat patients. This compatibility through prescription ingredients complement each other, help the body's absorption and utilization of the efficacy of ingredients, its efficacy lot stronger than blindly traditional Chinese medicines. Health food is also through scientific compatibility, make a variety of active ingredients complement each other. The active ingredient is rich, full, and the absorption efficiency is high, the effect is significant.

In addition, health food primarily to enhance the immune system, promote cell regeneration, health body, which is not available in most drug efficacy, but then recovered with chronic conditions has important significance.

More importantly, when you take a supplement, no rejection medication, surgery, physical therapy, exercise therapy, diet therapy and other treatment methods, and to enhance the efficacy of these treatments, but also in the original health food taking combined therapy on the basis of adding a single drug efficacy than the more significant treatment - psychotherapy.

Medical studies have found that mental patients have a decisive impact on the efficacy, patients can influence psychological effects of treatment and the strength of their immune function. Health care salesman will warm the patient's health and confidently introduce the product efficacy, introduced product reputation, help patients build confidence to overcome the disease, do not mind the trouble to tell the patient how to increase exercise, diet and so on. These practices to cure the disease of great significance, but the medical staff did not do so well as health products salesman. Psychotherapy get the effect which the drug does not have.

Thus, although health care is not a medicine, it can heal, especially disease.

Health food: the necessities of big health

Improve and rapid development of medical standards of living of doomed extension of human life, more and more people live longer, but to accelerate and exacerbate environmental pollution pace of modern life, leading to more and more health risks, a variety of geriatric diseases, chronic diseases more and more younger, less the proportion of true human health. According to World Health Organization statistics, the presence of 75% of the population of sub-health problem. Sub-health issue has become the biggest obstacle to human health!

Large health era is that people began to focus on their health, promote self-health management era. Drugs health food products and food as a transition, both drugs have opsonization of disease, but also contains the nutritional content of food, unlike drugs, toxic side effects on the human body, unlike ordinary foods can not help the body absorb nutrients. It is the best way to implement self-management body!

It is a signal that health food is included in the hospital project, which indicates that the prosperity of health care is no longer just a prediction, it will become an important part of the times. Great healthy people a correct understanding of the era will be health care, health care products and enjoy the era of health management and health industry will become mankind's most important industry, this day, not too far away!


Anna Li


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