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“Overtime working crowd” Why more busier work but more body fat?

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Core prompt: "Entering the job market, in the face of heavy work, office workers often turn into " overtime dog ", bear the stress, the body is also tired

“Overtime working crowd”Why more busier work but more body fat?

"Entering the job market, in the face of heavy work, office workers often turn into" overtime dog ", bear the stress, the body is also tired, and normally, in such circumstances, people should become emaciated lean, but many workers found themselves instead of getting "fat", even bloated.

How it happened? Such workers obesity called “ Fatigue fat”, mainly because of pressure, irregular life caused to eliminate “ Fatigue fat” still have to proceed from the law of life.

Ⅰ.The reason of “Fatigue fat”

1. A poor rest, "leptin" secretion disorders

The professor of University of Chicago Eve VanCauter has done an experiment proved that people sleep is great influence on obesity, in the state of lack of sleep, hormonal regulation of body hunger - "leptin" significant change occurs, people feel intense hunger. And workers often stay up all night, every hungry easily open the food ring. Calories naturally increase and the man is fat up

2. Pressure, increased appetite

Work piling up, boss or customer dissatisfaction, interpersonal tensions ...... these will destroy a person's psychological defenses workplace, people feel pressure Alexander. Pressure too easily lead to high cortisol index, gastric motility and digestive function enhancements, increase a person's appetite. And when people feel pressure to think of some way to divert attention, then, "eat" has become the most people in the workplace catharsis choice. In this case, I do not want fat really hard.

3. More Entertainment, uncontrolled eating

There will be dinner when office workers deal with people in the workplace, the dinner course with alcohol and fatty food. Food on the dinner, more oil and more salt, high fat content, eat likely to be obese. While entertaining clients, men naturally have a few pints and ultimately, long time for that, beer belly came out.

4. Sedentary, less exercise

Sedentary is office workers' norm. Just sit down after meal, then for a long time and not up, that is not conducive to the digestion of food and easy to accumulate fat. In addition, sedentary, lack of exercise, people's basal metabolic rate will drop, reducing the ability to burn calories, it is difficult to slim down for human.

Ⅱ.5 Little habits against “Fatigue fat”

1. Drink plenty of water before a meal and after meal

Drink at half an hour before a meal, you can enhance satiety, so when you eat meals, reducing food intake. Drink at half an hour after dinner, not only can help to digest food in the stomach, but also to dilute the blood and increase blood circulation speed. Thus, Drink at half an hour after dinner has magical detoxification, every day, at any time, enhance detoxification, it will easy to get effect of weight loss.

2. Walk after dinner

After dinner, not to sit down immediately, we can stand against the wall for a while. When sitting down, do not Alice legs, which can cause lymphatic not smooth, easy to cause little thick legs.

3. No eating after nine nights

No eating after 9pm, in addition to drink plenty of water. If you really hungry, you can eat some fruit or drink a cup of yogurt.

4. Maintain adequate sleep

Work is never done, to learn rational allocation of your work, give yourself time to make sleep, for at least seven hours of sleep. If you can not sleep because of stress, you can try to do something before going to bed, like sleep yoga, drink a glass of milk.

5. More climbing stairs, less taking the elevator stairs

Within three floors, determined not to take the elevator. Shopping and up or down the stairs like this, climbing the stairs not taking the elevator.If you climb 10 flights of stairs every day, it is equivalent to 10 minutes of your running.


Anna Li



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