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Dietary fiber--you 'd better to know !!!

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Core prompt:Dietary fiber is the human digestive enzymes during digestion of food, which is difficult to digest part of the overall dietary fiber Simply put, it is a plant cell walls


Dietary fiber--you 'd better to know !!!

When people refer to "nutrition" word, we naturally think of chickens, ducks, fish, meat, in fact, this is far from comprehensive. Nutrition usually refers to meet human growth and development and maintenance activities of various tissues and organs of nutrients needed. This nutrient is diverse, which will affect the lack of health and even cause morbid, wherein the cellulose was often overlooked, especially in the elderly.

Dietary fiber is the human digestive enzymes during digestion of food, which is difficult to digest part of the overall dietary fiber. Simply put, it is a plant cell walls. These include cellulose, lignin, pentose, fruit and pectin. Husk, bran, root vegetables and fruits, stems and leaves is mainly composed of cellulose, so these foods as the main source of dietary fiber.


Dietary fiber is not an essential human nutrient, such as breast-fed babies are basically only eat food fiber, can still be normal growth and development. However, many epidemiological investigations and animal experiments show that adult (especially the elderly) diet too fine, that the food in dietary fiber content is too low, can occur in many diseases. Colon and colorectal cancer, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, gallstones, diabetes, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, varicose veins, as well as constipation, intestinal hernia, obesity.


Dietary fiber is divided into insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. Most dietary fiber is insoluble fiber, insoluble fiber is important for maintaining intestinal health, but little effect on reducing cardiovascular disease. Only a small portion of the soluble fiber dietary fiber, which is proven beneficial to lower blood cholesterol, and blood cholesterol every 1% decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease can be reduced by 2%. Soluble fiber in the large intestine can absorb moisture and form a gelatinous substance. This gelatinous substance can wrap the class of cholesterol and cholesterol substances, and excreted with the feces. When cholesterol is lost with the feces, the liver will be mobilized by the blood cholesterol synthesis of new bile acids, thus lowering the blood cholesterol levels.

Soluble dietary fiber have several sources:


1, a high pectin content of fruit, such as apples, grapes;

2, some of the beans;

3, some cereals, such as oats, barley.


These foods, currently the most intensively studied a wide range of people is oats. The results show that the β- glucan oat cholesterol-lowering effect. If you eat 60 grams of oatmeal a day, a month, blood cholesterol can be reduced by 5% -10%, equivalent to the risk of cardiovascular disease fell by 10% -20%. Patients with higher cholesterol levels, consumption of the more obvious effects, about 7% -10% of cholesterol levels can be reduced by 27%. If patients with hyperlipidemia eating oatmeal every day, some of them who can no longer take cholesterol-lowering drugs.


The benefits of oatmeal is also that it can selectively reduce called "bad" cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, without lowering is called "good" cholesterol, high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Another study showed that oats can improve insulin and glucose metabolism, thereby contributing to the prevention and control of diabetes and obesity.


Increase dietary fiber intake, the body can benefit many.


1,  prevent constipation;

2,  conducive to weight loss;

3,  the prevention of colon and colorectal cancer;

4,  reduce cholesterol, prevent coronary heart disease;

5,  improve the symptoms of diabetes;

6,  improve oral and dental functions;

7,  prevention and treatment of gallstones;

8,  prevent breast cancer in women.


For more health information and products nutritional fibers, may participate in the 19th International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo at the scene.


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