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SBW 2015 19th CIHIE &The 2nd China Int'l Enzyme Products Expo

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Core prompt: "SBW 2015 19th China Int l Health Industry Expo(CIHIE)&The 2nd China Int l Enzyme Products Expo " will be held at September 17th to 19th 2015, and the place is Intex Shanghai Exhibition Center

SBW 2015 19th China Int'l Health Industry Expo(CIHIE)&The 2nd China Int'l Enzyme Products Expo


     Nowadays, enzyme products because of their weight loss, detoxification, beauty, conditioning sub-health, disease prevention, anti-cancer effect has become a beauty, weight loss, hot search term care populations, according to Taobao Index, the most recent period "enzyme "The keyword search volume compared to last year it grew by 388.9 percent, while the last 30 days Search index growth of 6.1%, compared to last year increased by 508.0%. Visible enzyme products offer over other beauty and health products have become a leader in the healthcare industry.

    Enzyme products catched various parties welcome because of their unique effect widely health, beauty, weight loss and others, but its complex production process, not a small workshop brewed its function and effect can be achieved, and even some harmful enzyme product brewed drink useless , not to mention play its miraculous health function.

    The face of market chaos, as in China and Asia nutraceuticals responsible person Reporters exhibition first brand of "Shibowei China International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo and the Second China International Exhibition of enzyme products," the organizing committee said Q, Shibowei • nutrition and Health industry Expo is the first of "enzyme" concept into the domestic brand of international-type fair, and in recent years also through new media, Internet media and mobile phones the way, increased the enzyme concept propaganda, the enzyme concept as nutrition and health care products exhibition in the main part of the exhibition, in a customer-friendly, the values under the supremacy of credibility, enterprises in branding, international business philosophy, the accumulation of a number of internationally famous enzyme corporate connections, over the years, the show twice a year will have a large number of well-known enzymes companies from Japan and Taiwan to attend the exhibition.


    Shibowei nice big brands from Past cooperation enzyme manufacturer who we summed up the two characteristics, namely, prescription refining, choice of materials; Second, sophisticated technology, unique production method. To be September 17th to 19th ,2015, showed in the Intex Shanghai Exhibition Center. “SBW 2015 19th China Int'l Health Industry Expo(CIHIE)&The 2nd China Int'l Enzyme Products Expo “ with you know the real magic enzymes in Japan enzyme weeds Leaves for example, the selection of all Japan is among the mountains and natural pollution from plants carefully cultivated organic herbs and vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae. After 20 years of research and development, in order to complete prescription exquisite proportions, covering have fruits and vegetables, herbs, algae and other 80 kinds of plant extracts, many of them ginseng, Tianqi, and other valuable medicinal herbs, and plum, kumquat fruits and peppers, wild algae wild algae and other plants play a similar combination of traditional Chinese medicine prescription of magic.

    In the production of enzymes follow Japan Manyo weed oldest traditional crafts, pottery vessel with a special fermentation vessels, fermentation operations through more than a year, had just extracted its essence, in front of customers, and its products in the package taken without heating preparation techniques, keeping enzyme composition is not lost, in order to achieve weight loss, beauty, detox, improve the sub-health disease prevention efficacy. And that the enzyme safe without side effects, pregnant women, children, lactating women and other groups Jieke safe to drink.

    Of course, to understand the various health functions genuine enzyme, experience its magical effect, the best way is to "Shibowei • 19th CIHIE and the Second China International Exhibition enzyme product" experience, then, will there are a number of enzyme manufacturers from home and abroad gathered here, Shibowei also in professional exhibition purposes, for exhibitors strict screening to ensure that the real business of the regular show, so you are assured of amazing enzyme products have a comprehensive understanding of the of course the show is completely free of charge Oh!



Welcome more exhibitors and professional visitors to join us.

For details, you can consult Anna Li

Email: annali@sbwexpo.cn

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