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Many companies have made plan for the upcoming events after Christmas and New Year holiday!

While US Now Foods is making plan, Japan AFC group(株式会社アムスライフサイエンス) has decided to attend both expos. Japan Uchida Soken International and Sankom Switerland has already reserved booths before Christmas Day. They participated 10th expo and found their distributors already.  Japan Uchida Soken International is very careful to choose exhibition. They only reserved 1 booth during 10th Expo.  But they reserved 6 booths for the following events.  Sankom Switerland reserved 1 booth on 10th expo too. Even though, their products won The Most Popular Product Prize。Because of good result, Sankom Switerland has reserved 4 booths for itself and distributor.  They worred they can not get a good position, then they made a quick decision, they reserved booths before Christmas Day.

Even Expo is a regular one, but many exhibitors want to get a good position in advance.

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