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The biggest China health industry event----the 10th China International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo will be held in Beijing on May 7th-9th, 2010. The biggest health industry event in China. It is also the only approved one by China Ministry of Commerce. 
The expo is supported by China International Communication Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care,China Nutrition and Food Commission for the Aged, China Health Care Nutrition Council, Japan ,MEDIX One Joint-Stock Corporation, International Health Product Certificate Association (US), National Medical Technology Market Association(China). 
During last expo, there are about 50,000 visitors, 500 exhibitors. The 10th Expo has expanded the area. It will be held in the most important venue----China International Exhibition Center hall 2,3,4,5. It will cover more than 18,000 square meters. Expected visitors will reach more than 80,000 persons, exhibitors will be more than 800 companies. Most of visitors are professionals, such as manufacturers, suppliers, agents, distributors, officials, scientists, service providers, relevant media as well as practioners, consumers. Most of them are looking for more business opportunities in China. Especially investment opportunity. Most of exhibitors are manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. They are leading companies in health industry or related field. US Robinson Pharma, Korean Kolon Pharmaceuticals, Lotte Confectionary, Naturobiotech company, Ginseng&Organic Company, Australian GMP group, Switzerland Sankom company, Japan AFC group, Thailand Cal Intertrade Co.,Ltd, New Zealand Straka Enterprise all will show their newest products during the expo. Sankom company is planning a press conference during the expo. Many domestic companies will release their hi-quality products too. 
Hopefully, the expo will be one of the most successful health related expo. For more details, please visit www.jianbohui.com . 

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